TL;DR: PWAs perform better and are more convenient in terms of complexity, compatibility and development. There is a gap in the distribution process that prevents them from spreading, however this gap is slowly being closed. They have already proved to work well and might accelerate our time to market.


In the past decades populations have benefited from predictable income. You could easily start working for a big company and approach retirement still working for the same company, doing almost the same job you had been doing for the past thirty years.

Among the stages of a population the transition…

Great, easy things freely available in life. Mattinata (FG), Italy

When I graduated from college, a few years ago, I had clear in mind where I wanted to live, that is, in my hometown in the south of Italy.

The thing is, there aren’t too many job opportunities down here, hence I decided to acquire some experience working in Milan…

Sergio de Cristofaro

Software Developer. Remote Life. Finance.

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